EncinoMom the California Lifestyle New Media Magazine.: EncinoMom in San Francisco with Michelin Star Chef, Suzette Gresham of Acquerello

Monday, September 20, 2010

EncinoMom in San Francisco with Michelin Star Chef, Suzette Gresham of Acquerello

This video has been moved, to view go to the link below.
Looking for a meal to remember? Break open your piggy bank for a trip to Acquerello in San Francisco. This 21 year old, Italian fine dining establishment owned by Michelin star chef, Suzette Gresham and famed wine expert, Giancarlo Paterlini pairs food and wine to please even the most discerning diner with European style service that make you feel like visiting royalty. Treat yourself and tell them hello for me. I'm saving up for my next visit!


  1. Wow....seeing all the different types of imported cheeses and delicious wines she has made want to book a flight to SF tomorrow!!!

  2. It's worth it, wherever you fly in from. :)

  3. Next time we are in "The City" we will visit, wine, and dine here. A special place where we can celebrate a special occasion. Thanks for the lovely peek!

  4. You won't be disappointed, Jennifer. Truly a place to dine, not just a place to eat.

    Since you're such a talented designer yourself, you'll appreciate the decor and Julia Morgan designed building, too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I had no idea this restaurant was in a Julia Morgan building! I can't wait to go now!

    Great interview!

  6. Thanks Cathy!

    This is one of Ms. Morgan's early works. The restaurant has worked hard to preserve as much of the original architecture as possible. Someday they'll be writing that about you!