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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wild Mustard Traces The Trail From Mission To Mission In California

Here's a snap from our speeding car as we returned from the Wedding Of The Century (first time to the altar for a pair of 50 year-olds! Fantastic!)

Legend has it that missionaries spread mustard seed along their path from mission to mission to mark their way -  รก la Hansel and Gretel. All these years later, the Golden State bursts into bloom from stem to stern, as yellow mustard flowers transform local hillsides into impressionistic drifts of color for a few short weeks each Spring.

I'm told that the mustard is edible and abundantly nutritious, but I haven't tried it myself (and you shouldn't either without verification of plant identification by an expert - just sayin'). What a great time to venture forth by road or rail to visit the missions and learn a little about California history, legend and lore, or for a wine tasting trip, up or down the yellow brick road!

If you're thinking of using the mustard as your guide, I applaud your romantic heart, but must advise you to use your Nav. The mustard has been blowing in the wind for a couple of hundred years or so and like the breadcrumbs dropped by Hansel and Gretel, can no longer promise a reliable route home.


photo by: Warren Keating

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